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Florida AHCA Fingerprinting Information – For Pre-Licensure Florida Location Students ONLY

You will need our billing number for billing purposes; you will pay for this service by placing your order through and you do not need to pay again during registration. American DataBank's Billing Number will be sent to your attention when you complete your order through the website.

**Be aware that using any information from this page out of context or without due authorization by American DataBank and your school may result in criminal prosecution and that the fingerprints you submit are submitted directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)**

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Click to Continue in English or Spanish.
  3. Enter your First and Last Name, and click "Go"
  4. Pick your Agency Name; the Agency Name is: AHCA (Health Care Providers), and then click "Go".
  5. Either enter your Zip Code in the 1st Orange Box, or you can pick an area in Florida to find a location near you, in the 2nd Box. Either enter your Zip Code or select your region, and then click "Go".
  6. You will get a list of locations going down the left-side, and dates going across the top. Find a location from the list that is nearest you, and find a date you are available to get your fingerprints rolled. Please ensure you select a location that states PHOTO ENABLED. Locations that are closed will say "Closed" in the box, days that are full will say "Schedule Full".

    **You need to have your photo captured while having your prints taken to ensure the clinical sites will have access to your record.
  7. Click "Click to Schedule" to select a specific time for your appointment. A list of available times will show, by 15 minute increments. Select a good time for you, and then click "Go".
  8. You must enter all information that has an * mark by the box name, such as for "First Name" and "Last Name". If you fail to fill out a section, or fill it out in the wrong format, a red ! will appear next to the box. Fill out all the required information, and then click "Send Information".
  9. You now have to verify everything you entered. Be sure to check that you picked the correct location, time, and that your information is entered correctly. Update any section by clicking the ‘Change Details’ button in the blue bar under the section.
  10. **You may have to reorder if any of your information is incorrect, be very careful when entering the information**
  11. If you are happy with all that you entered, click "Go" in the If All Information Appears Correct box.
  12. For Method of Payment, you want to use American DataBank's billing number. Click "Billing Account" from the drop down menu. Two new sections will appear. You will need our Billing Number, check your email from ADB after placing your order; you do not need a Referral Code. Click "Send Payment Information", and your appointment is now scheduled.
  13. Make every attempt to make your 1st appointment, you MUST call L-1 Enrollment Services if you need to reschedule, their number is: 800-528-1358.
  14. Please contact American DataBank at 1-800-200-0853 if you have any questions or need assistance.